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A World of Information Literally at Our Fingertips

How nice it is to learn about things we’d never even know about if we didn’t have technology. You can be sitting around watching a television show, and see an actor who looks familiar. You look him up within a minute, find out every movie he has ever been in, and then see that movie on that list you saw last summer that had the amazing beach in it, then find out where the beach is, and have a vacation booked there before the commercialbreak-765x510next commercial break. There are so many options for how to utilize a worlds worth of information from wherever you are located.

While some people say you can’t beat reading an old fashioned book, I find e-readers to be an asset to reading. If I’m reading a book on my Kindle, and I come across a word I don’t know, I can just hold down on it and find a definition. It’s also great if it makes reference to a real person or a location of which you’re unfamiliar, you can do a quick search online for images, information and history. I’ve found it to entirely enrich my reading experience. And even better, I can send a sample to my device and be able to read a new book immediately.

Video tutorials are huge. I learned how to French braid my hair in high school watching a video online. But since then, the medium has ed038bc00194aba1ed34872bb465a325completely blown up. People can learn how to do practically anything just by watching a YouTube video on the topic. Hair and makeup are the least of it. You can literally watch a video online about how to disassemble the exact model of television you have, replace the motherboard, and put it back together with little prior knowledge on the topic. You can learn how to install wood floors, put speakers into your car, or bake a molten chocolate cake with no prior experience.

You can research your family history online, find a long lost cousin, and then find the best restaurant in their town, and send them a surprise gift card there, all thanks to the internet. You can research the history of the town, when it was established and what the original settlers there did. It gives people the ability to have more in depth knowledge on nearly any topic. Who would have thought there would be a website that could tell you about your very own ancestors?

There are so many different things that you can find out using the internet and mobile devices. Not sure what that constellation on the mobile-devices-752x483horizon is? There’s an app for that. Same for mountain ranges. I was once in an antique store and came across this weird game board that no one knew anything about. I snapped a picture of it, did a reverse image search and came back within moments not only with the name of the game, but the origin and rules of it too.

I suppose it can cause a major case of information overload at times, and maybe people don’t retain things as well because we know that we can just look it up if we forget. Regardless, it helps people feed their curiosity to learn. People who may not have had the means to learn a hobby, or even thought to, now have more than enough resources to do so. And it is literally at our fingertips, which is something that makes me pretty happy to live in this digital era.

I’ve grown up as technology has evolved. I’ve been able to see the rate at which it changes and expands. While I may be typing on the same laptop I started using in college a over decade ago, I’ve watched the technology around me make incredible advancements. I like to think I’ve been able to experience the best of both worlds, as when I was a child technology was a VHS player, and now children have their own personal tablet where they can watch anything they want.

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