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Frequently Asked Questions: Digital Era

Is online shopping a safe way to shop?

As long as you do your homework and make sure you are shopping from a legitimate source, online shopping can be completely safe. If it is a familiar store, chances are their website is going to be a safe option for use. You can also read reviews, and search the company prior to making a purchase to ensure you are ordering from a legitimate company. People should also be aware of return policies when shopping online, and know whether you’ll be receiving something exactly like what is described on the website, or a similar version. As an added precaution, use credit cards online rather than debit, as that adds in the additional security that credit card companies can offer.

What is the difference between a laptop and a tablet?

While typically they function in a very similar manner, a laptop is a portable computer with a thin screen attached to the keyboard, and they fold flat with the screen and keyboard facing each other. They are completely functional versions of desktop PCs o Macs. They typically can have more options for operating systems and programs available. Tablets are also portable devices that utilize touch screen to operate them. They run on the Android, Windows or Apple operating systems, and apps are downloaded onto them over wifi, or 3G or 4G depending on the model. Bluetooth keyboards are available for them, but most people utilize the on screen keyboard when utilizing a tablet.

What is an app?

Apps are a shortened word for applications that can be downloaded onto a smart mobile device. They are specific programs designed for the operating system that your mobile device uses, and they can vary from games to mobile spreadsheets. Many apps can be downloaded free of charge, but depending on the app it can also be a subscription or a onetime fee to download. Any person, with the appropriate knowledge, can create an app to do anything they want it to. Without apps, a smart phone would offer basic user functions such as the calling capability and camera, but utilizing apps can entirely change the smart phone experience, taking it from a phone to a GPS device to a teaching tool.

How can I find out more about new technology?

Utilizing current technology is the best way to find out about new technology. You can search online, or even subscribe to tech newsletters and magazines. You can also visit an electronics store to find out the most information about what is on the horizon and what changes to current technology mean for you as a consumer. It’s important to know whether technological advancements are nice features, or worth an upgrade. If an upgrade adds a feature you don’t utilize, don’t be convinced to buy the next model up. This can be said about anything from phones o cars. And remember, once you upgrade, it will be hard to go back to what you had before.