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Post Digital And The 5 W’s Of It

Post digital is a term that has started being used commonly nowadays. So what does it really mean? According to how people put it, post digital refers to the age when all civility comes back to where it all started from and human beings become less enthusiastic with the use of tech. however, the real question is to whether we are really entering the post digital age. We are not even aware of the limitless possibilities of technology and the current technology that we have is evolving as each day passes by. Will human beings really get tired of all the tech gadgets being built?

The human connection

The main argument towards a post digital age is that technology is quickly driving people far from each other rather than helping them connect. It is predicted that tech will send everyone into their own cyber cave from where they will be communicating with other people. However social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram may as well promote this ‘cyber cave’ theory but in reality the main drivers towards the success of these applications is the desire of human beings to interact with each other. It has made communication easier and in as much as people can communicate from their own homes without having to socialize does not necessarily prove that people are drifting socially apart. It should instead be seen as a new way of interacting amongst people.

When are we entering the Post digital world?

Some critics may as well say that we are already there, but are we really in the post digital world? I tend to think that the term post digital is exaggerated and people are still in the stage of discovering how technology can work for them. People are still enthusiastic about the use of tech in their everyday lives and in as much as technology has not really become a necessity, the whole world is definitely headed that way by introducing the Internet of Things (IoT). The IoT is a term that refers to a world of interconnected devices from cars to phones to door locks and the likes. Therefore, until this is achieved in the whole world, we are still living in times where disruptive technology still remains to be man’s obsession.

Post digital or digital

The truth is that digital technology has made life a lot easier than before. You can be able to find anything from the comfort of your phone wherever you may be as long as you have an internet connection. Transferring money has become easy and finding out about new places and things is a breeze. Yes, there may be instances where technology is harmful such as environmental degradation as a result of the manufacturing and dumping of this tech products, however technology is all about finding solutions to problems. It’s the same technology that will be relied on to solve common issues in our societies. Therefore, in as much as technology may pose threats, the truth is that most people still prefer the digital age that we are in and are not in a hurry to enter the post digital world. What say you?

I’ve grown up as technology has evolved. I’ve been able to see the rate at which it changes and expands. While I may be typing on the same laptop I started using in college a over decade ago, I’ve watched the technology around me make incredible advancements. I like to think I’ve been able to experience the best of both worlds, as when I was a child technology was a VHS player, and now children have their own personal tablet where they can watch anything they want.

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