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Stop Ragging on Cell Phones, They’re Much More than Anyone Imagined


As someone who uses the many functions of my cell phone, I think they don’t get as much credit as they are due. When people see someone (usually younger than them) using their phone, it is often assumed they are just “playing” on their phone. Well, playing certainly is an option, but there are so many other features that make it a tool. It’s a way to stay in touch with loved ones, and study for class, watch videos of cats OR tutorials on how to change the oil in your car.

get-off-the-phone-a-song-about-people-who-are-on-their-phones-too-much-by-rhett-linkHere’s some ways a person may be using their phone as an effective tool while they are “playing” on it:

Dictionary and thesaurus: Using this app on my phone help me to expand my vocabulary and learn more about words than I ever would have than by picking up a physical dictionary. The dictionary app goes so far to have articles on etymology and fun facts.

House hunting: You can get daily notifications on new properties appearing on the market, find them on the map and even view the street it is on. You can get notified of price changes, listings that have gone under contract, and even contact the agent selling the property.

Watching Tutorials: There are video tutorials on practically any given topic available on apps such as YouTube. You can learn how to style your 2015-08-08 tutorials worth watchinghair a new way, take apart your vacuum cleaner, cook a new meal, change a diaper, sew a topstitch, train your pet, the opportunities are limitless.

Games: Hear me out. There are plenty of time-killing games available on your phone, but there are also ones that will stimulate your mind, let you play interactively with friends, logic games and games you honestly never thought you would see as actually existing. I can play Scrabble with my grandmother in Florida, or crush a lifetime’s worth of candy when I just need to let my brain chill for a minute.

shoppingShopping: Guess what… I could be buying you your birthday gift right now. I just heard you talking about that sweater you just adored and within moments the order is placed. I just have to wait a couple days for it to show up on your doorstep and then we can talk about how I was playing on my phone.

Learning a new language: On break at work, waiting in line at the supermarket, here and there glancing at the foreign language app on my phone is helping me to learn. It has given me opportunities to study a new language at my fingertips, anytime anywhere. Gracias for understanding.

Staying fit: I’m able to track my daily activities, see how far my jog was, enter my food and tons of other features that help me stay my healthiest. It’s calculated quickly, and I know how active I was during the day and whether or not that slice of cake is worth it.

Filing Taxes: Fill in a few pieces of information, take a photo of your W2’s with the tax app and it does the rest. In just a short amount of time I’ve electronically filed my taxes without having to settle in to fill out a mountain of paperwork. Easy as can be.

Doctor with female patientDoctor’s Appointment: You don’t have the time to run to the doctor’s office on lunch break to have those sniffles checked out, so dial in a doctor for a video chat and your prescription will be waiting. Talk about a time saver, and without being exposed to more germs in the waiting room.

Ordering Dinner: The pizza will be here in 20 minutes just because of a few clicks on my phone. Need I say more?

I’ve grown up as technology has evolved. I’ve been able to see the rate at which it changes and expands. While I may be typing on the same laptop I started using in college a over decade ago, I’ve watched the technology around me make incredible advancements. I like to think I’ve been able to experience the best of both worlds, as when I was a child technology was a VHS player, and now children have their own personal tablet where they can watch anything they want.

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