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The Digital Era: Innovation In Its Most Subtle Form

The technology world is hard to predict and the changes happen often too fast. However, most of the changes that hit the waves are all involved in a particular broad field. People refine the ideas and build on others in order to come up with solutions that are efficient and properly solve the prevailing problems in the market. So what are these broad fields that innovation is inclined on in this decade? The fields range from augmented reality to analytics. They are diverse in form but are all aimed towards creating the next disruptive technology of the decade (or century). Here are some of the broad themes in the tech space that are bound to be disrupted by technology;

Augmented and virtual Reality

The future is definitely tending towards AR and VR technology especially in gaming. However, the prospects of both AR and VR are quite high in the market and in as much as the stage is being set on who emerges as the dominant player in the market; adoption of the gadgets into various work processes are also being reimagined.

Core systems

The current workplace core systems were built in the 1980’s and 90’s and are still being used till now. These are the systems that drive both the front and back office in any business setting and include ERP systems. The current trend is aimed at streamlining this whole process with adaptive technology. Developers are reimagining the core systems and are trying to come up with new ways of modernizing the process.

Container platforms

The trend in IT is towards creating self-managing IT infrastructure that is accessible anywhere and without any limitations in capacity and scale (as well as performance). This has led to the creation of containers and virtualized assets nested on cloud computing that allow for seamless connectivity of applications and unlimited capacity.


Organizations are now coming face to face with reality of how crucially important data analytics is to their operations. They are now investing in analytics and are treating it as a strategic discipline that can help them to understand their market better and replicate successes with ease. The term analytics is now core in many organizations and the success of most of the products from these companies are pegged on successful results from the analysis.

Environmental awareness

The world is increasingly moving towards a green society and so is technology. New innovations are being developed whilst thinking about their social implications. Companies are also being encouraged to promote innovation of disruptive technologies that complement (rather than destroy) the environment. However, the challenge is getting to innovate such kinds of technology in order to harness their power for a better tomorrow.

The world is indeed moving at a fast pace and innovations and disruptive technology are to blame. However, the future does look bright if at all technology will be used in building new markets and driving adoption amongst its users.

I’ve grown up as technology has evolved. I’ve been able to see the rate at which it changes and expands. While I may be typing on the same laptop I started using in college a over decade ago, I’ve watched the technology around me make incredible advancements. I like to think I’ve been able to experience the best of both worlds, as when I was a child technology was a VHS player, and now children have their own personal tablet where they can watch anything they want.

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